The Kung Zhu Lineup

Kung Zhu Pets are the newest addition to the popular Zhu Zhu Pets line from toy manufacturer Cepia. The original Zhu Zhu Pets, popular with both boys and girls, were the must-have toy of Christmas 2009; however, older boys tended to quickly lose interest in the cuteness of these furry, robotic hamsters. Thus, the macho, fighting Kung Zhu Pets were born. Arriving in summer 2010, Kung Zhu Pets are combat-ready Zhu Zhu Pets designed for boys. No longer just cute and cuddly, these hamsters transform into mighty warriors, bringing a whole new level of excitement to the Zhu Zhu product line.


The new Kung Zhu lineup consists of two opposing groups of battle hamsters — Ninja Warriors and Special Forces.

Kung Zhu Hamsters

Each group is also divided into two clans. Ninja Warriors include the Dragon Clan and the Skull Tribe. Special Forces include Delta Force and Rangers. Each hamster’s allegiance is shown in the symbol on its back.

Kung Zhu Special Forces

  • Delta Force — symbol: star
    • Rivet: the leader of the Special Forces is a master of demolition and loves a good explosion
    • Sergeant Serge: has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than for everyone to have a great day
  • Rangers — symbol: comet
    • Rock-O: has the biggest brain of the bunch and manages technology and communication
    • Stonewall: loud, crazy and is always ready for a fight
  • Kung Zhu Ninja Warriors

  • Dragon Clan — symbol: dragon
    • Drayko: a fast learner who will stop at nothing to become the best
    • Yama: best friend to Drayko, he is only a student, but is still feared as the strongest of the Ninja Warriors
  • Skull Tribe (the bad guys) — symbol: hieroglyph
    • Azer: the older brother of Drayko, he has a grudge to settle against Rivet
    • Thorn: the true definition of zhu-vil, he is rough, tough and not afraid to cheat


Each Kung Zhu Pet is designed to be used with special Battle Armor (sold separately). There are four different types of armor for each group of Kung Zhus, with each suit intended for use with a particular hamster, although the armor suits are interchangeable and may be worn by any hamster. Each Battle Armor is also packaged with a Tablet of Zhu and an Armor Token.

The Ninja Armor includes the following (from left to right): Blizzard Jonin, Dark Jonin, Shadow Jonin, and Fire Chunin.

Kung Zhu Ninja Armor

The Special Forces Armor includes the following (from left to right): Night Raid, Dune Tracker, Ambush, and Thunderstrike.

Kung Zhu Special Forces Armor


Tablet of ZhuBefore the unassuming Kung Zhu Pet can transform into a mighty battle hamster, it must complete “battle training” in the special training ground on the Tablet of Zhu. The Tablet of Zhu is a special accessory included with Battle Armor sets (purchased separately from the hamsters). When the hamster reads the unique code on the Tablet of Zhu, its behavior changes, transforming from cute and cuddly into the mighty warrior that hides within.


Armor TokenOne Armor Token is packaged in each Battle Armor set (purchased separately from the hamsters). When a Kung Zhu Pet wins a battle, it is awarded the loser’s Armor Token.


Each group of Kung Zhu Pets also has two battle vehicles (sold separately). Battle vehicles are great for fights outside of the Battle Arena, and they work with any Kung Zhu Pet.

Special Forces vehicles include (on left, from top to bottom) the Rhino Tank and Buzzsaw Tank. Ninja Vehicles include (on right, from top to bottom) the Samurai Scorpion and Spider Skull.

Kung Zhu Battle Vehicles


Let the battles begin! The Battle Arena is a must-have accessory for Kung Zhu Pets. It’s the perfect venue for watching your warrior hamsters go head-to-head in a knock-down, drag-out fight.
Kung Zhu Battle ArenaThe Battle Arena has two sides marked with the colors and flags of each group’s allegiance: red for Ninjas and gray for Special Forces. As a Kung Zhu Pet approaches the Battle Arena, it reads the battle code on the short entrance tunnel-piece (included) leading to the Battle Arena door. The hamster powers up into Battle Mode and pauses in the tunnel-piece for up to one minute, giving you ample time to apply the Battle Armor if you wish to do so. When your Kung Zhu Pet is ready to enter the Arena, press the back button to send him charging through the door into battle. Pets will battle for up to 3 minutes. The first pet to tip loses the battle and gives up its Armor Token to the victor.

Source: PRNewswire
Photo credits: Kung Zhu Pets website, Cepia

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