Savvy Mom PhotoHi! I’m the Savvy Mom behind the My Kung Zhu Pets website. For quite a while, I had a successful blog, Savvy Mom Finds, which was a hodgepodge of shopping deals, freebies, recipes, product reviews, and giveaways. Although I enjoyed publishing Savvy Mom Finds, it was quite time-consuming and difficult to develop a readership, considering that I covered such a wide array of topics and that I was competing with a huge number of other “mommy blogs”.

During my time blogging, I noticed that my most popular post was a review of Zhu Zhu Pets. When I first reviewed them, no one had even heard of a Zhu Zhu Pet, let alone realized what a must-have toy they would become. It turns out, people just cannot get enough of these furry little robotic hamsters.

Of course, there are also those who have no use for anything from the Zhu-niverse. Naturally, a Zhu Zhu or Kung Zhu Pet could never replace a real, live pet hamster — but they’re fun toys. So, please, don’t send me a diatribe on how these toys are creating idiotic children or ruining your hamster-breeding business; I’ve heard it all. Toys from the Zhu Zhu lineup are just that — toys — and there’s a toy for everyone’s interest.

With the 2010 arrival of the newest addition to the Zhu Zhu lineup, Kung Zhu Pets, I’ve decided to channel my focus on our kids’ newest favorite fascination and share the few tidbits we learn along the way. Hope you enjoy the site!

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    Savvy Mom PhotoHi! I'm the Savvy Mom behind the My Kung Zhu Pets website.

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