Cross-Dressing Kung Zhu Pets

Cross-Dressing Hamsters: Sergeant Serge wears Ninja Armor and Thorn wears Special Forces Armor

No … it’s not as salacious as it may sound. A reader posed the question whether a Ninja Warrior could wear Special Forces battle armor and vice versa. Since the armor suits are universal and will fit any hamster (Kung Zhu or even Zhu Zhu, for that matter), you are not restricted to dressing your Special Forces hamster only in Special Forces attire. Feel free to disguise your Kung Zhu Pet in the opponent’s battle armor for a sneak attack. The armor itself will have no effect on the behavior of your warrior hamster. What’s important is the transforming power of the accompanying Tablet of Zhu.

Each set of battle armor comes with its own Tablet of Zhu. When a Kung Zhu Pet reads the unique code on a Tablet of Zhu, it will power up into the battle mode encoded on that Tablet. So, if you run a Special Forces hamster over a Ninja Tablet of Zhu, the Special Forces hamster will develop a “split personality” and behave like a Ninja. The Special Forces soldier will continue yelling Ninja battle cries until it resets back into normal mode. What actions will reset your split-personality Kung Zhu Pet? If your hamster tips over on its side, reads another code, or sleeps for any length of time, it will revert back into its normal, non-fighting self.

Check out our hamsters as their split personalities emerge:

This split-personality trait only occurs with the Tablet of Zhu; you cannot induce the same personality change with the battle codes located at the entries to the Battle Arena. If a Ninja Warrior enters the Battle Arena from the Special Forces side, it will still power up into Ninja battle mode.

If you have a regular Zhu Zhu Pet, its behavior will not be affected by the battle codes found on the Tablets of Zhu or at the entries to the Battle Arena. A regular Zhu Zhu Pet will not recognize these codes as anything other than a reason to make a normal chatting sound.