Newsflash! The Kung Zhu Pets are setting aside their differences this week, calling a truce to celebrate their first Thanksgiving. In the true spirit of the holiday, the Kung Zhus have decided to don Pilgrim and Indian attire for their authentic Thanksgiving feast. The Ninja Tribe chose to dress as Native American chieftans, and the Special Forces group portrayed the first Pilgrim settlers. Unfortunately, due to a freak Pilgrim hat shortage, Sergeant Serge and Stonewall were forced to wear girls’ bonnets and pretend to be Pilgrim women. However, they were willing to swallow their pride for the sake of a great photo op (and a warm slice of Sarge’s favorite apple pie). The Kung Zhus agreed that a hearty meal and an afternoon of football would be a welcome break from their usual hectic fight schedules. Their rest would be short-lived, though, as the truce is arranged to end at midnight when the Kung Zhus plan to battle it out for the best Black Friday deals. Kung Zhu Pet Thanksgiving IndiansKung Zhu Pet Thanksgiving Pilgrims