Kung Zhu Pets Fight in Battle ModeI’ve run across this question a number of times on the internet … “Do you control Kung Zhu Pets?” The answer is NO. You have absolutely no control over what your Kung Zhu Pet does or says. Its actions are entirely independent of you — your Kung Zhu Pet “fights” all by itself.

When your Kung Zhu Pet is in normal (non-battle) mode, it has one set of random actions and sayings. When your hamster is in battle mode, it has a different set of random actions and sayings. The only “control” you have over the Kung Zhu Pet is whether it is in normal mode or battle mode; the hamster goes into battle mode when it runs across a Tablet of Zhu or across the battle codes at the entrance to the Battle Arena.

Once your Kung Zhu Pet is in battle mode, you do not control when or how it attacks another Kung Zhu warrior. Your Kung Zhu Pet moves around randomly until it runs into another hamster. That is why the Kung Zhu Battle Arena is almost a must-have for Kung Zhu fighting. If you set two Kung Zhu Pets in battle mode on a floor, there would be so much room for them to run around that they may never run into each other to “fight.” But, when you place the two Kung Zhu Pets in the confines of the Battle Arena, they can’t help but run into each other and have a successful “fight.”

Check out this video to learn more about how Kung Zhu Pets “fight:”