Zhu-niverse Tour Across America, Summer 2010
Are you ready for this summer’s Zhu-niverse Tour? If you’re lucky enough to live near one of the 20 tour stops, it’s your chance to live like a Kung Zhu Pet for the day (or like a regular Zhu Zhu Pet). Pretend to be a Ninja Warrior like Drayko or a Special Forces soldier like Stonewall. Test your skills on the life-size ninja and special forces training grounds obstacle course. If you aren’t up for battle-training, there’s also an option to run through a life-size habitrail like Mr. Squiggles. The choice is up to you!

The Zhu-niverse Tour runs May 27 through October 10, 2010. Stops include various summer festivals and select Toys”R”Us locations (Toys”R”Us is the official sponsor).

  • May 27-31: St. Louis
    June 3-6: Minneapolis
    June 10-13: Indianapolis
    June 16-20: Detroit
    June 25-28: Milwaukee
    June 30- July 4: Chicago
    July 8-11: Buffalo, N.Y.
    July 14-18: Boston
    July 21-25: Trenton, N.J.
    July 28-August 1: Philadelphia
    August 4-8: Baltimore
    August 11-15: Charleston, W.Va.
    August 18-22: Raleigh, N.C.
    August 25-29: Charlotte, N.C.
    September 3-5: Tampa, Fla.
    September 8-12: Atlanta
    September 16-19: Dallas
    September 22-26: Houston
    October 1-3: Santa Barbara, Calif.
    October 6-10: Phoenix

Check out the official Zhu-niverse website for more information on Zhu-niverse Tour dates and activities.