Each Kung Zhu Pet is designed to be used with special battle armor (sold separately). There are four different types of armor for each group of Kung Zhus — for a total of eight battle armors. Each armor suit is intended for use with a particular hamster, although the armor suits are interchangeable and may be worn by any hamster.

Ninja Warrior Battle Armor
(from left to right): Blizzard Jonin, Dark Jonin, Shadow Jonin, and Fire Chunin.

Kung Zhu Ninja Armor

Special Forces Battle Armor
(from left to right): Night Raid, Dune Tracker, Ambush, and Thunderstrike.

Kung Zhu Special Forces Armor

To suit up your hamster, simply press down the armor such that the hamster’s nose sticks out through the front of the suit. When your hamster is wearing armor, it will be too large to fit through most of the play set or habitrail. Armor suits are best used in the Battle Arena or on a separate hard play surface.

To start an armored hamster, press down on the back of the armor suit. The talk mode (button near hamster’s head) is inactive while the pet is wearing armor.

Each battle armor package also includes one Tablet of Zhu and one armor token. To power up your hamster into Battle Mode, swipe the hamster across the battle code located on the back of the Tablet of Zhu and listen for the battle cry. It’s easiest to swipe the Tablet of Zhu before applying battle armor; it can be difficult for the hamster to read the code while wearing a full suit of armor.

The armor tokens are battle prizes. When a Kung Zhu Pet wins a battle, it is awarded the opponent’s armor token.

Source: PRNewswire and Kung Zhu Pets website, Cepia
Photo credits: Kung Zhu Pets website, Cepia