The new Kung Zhu lineup consists of two opposing groups of battle hamsters — Ninja Warriors and Special Forces.

Kung Zhu Hamsters

Each group is also divided into two clans. Ninja Warriors include the Dragon Clan and the Skull Tribe. Special Forces include Delta Force and Rangers. Each hamster’s allegiance is shown in the symbol on its back.

Kung Zhu Special Forces

  • Delta Force — symbol: star
    • Rivet: the leader of the Special Forces is a master of demolition and loves a good explosion
    • Sergeant Serge: has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than for everyone to have a great day
  • Rangers — symbol: comet
    • Rock-O: has the biggest brain of the bunch and manages technology and communication
    • Stonewall: loud, crazy and is always ready for a fight
  • Kung Zhu Ninja Warriors

  • Dragon Clan — symbol: dragon
    • Drayko: a fast learner who will stop at nothing to become the best
    • Yama: best friend to Drayko, he is only a student, but is still feared as the strongest of the Ninja Warriors
  • Skull Tribe (the bad guys) — symbol: hieroglyph
    • Azer: the older brother of Drayko, he has a grudge to settle against Rivet
    • Thorn: the true definition of zhu-vil, he is rough, tough and not afraid to cheat

Source: PRNewswire
Photo credits: Kung Zhu Pets website, Cepia